Prof.ssa Battocchio Chiara

Sezione: Nanoscienze e nanotecnologie


Prof. Chiara Battocchio is Associate Professor in General Chemistry (SSD CHIM/03) at the Dept. of Science of the Roma Tre University, where she carries out her research in the field of materials science. Her teaching activity mainly concerns “General Chemistry" and “Laboratory of Chemical Physics” for Biology students. - Since 2016: Associate Professor in General Chemistry at the Department of Sciences, "Roma Tre" University. - 2010: permanent position as Full Time Researcher in General Chemistry at the Scienze M.F.N. Faculty of the Roma Tre University. - 2009: two short-time Research Fellowships financed by the INSTM consortium (National Interuniversity Consortium of Materials Science and Technology) in the framework of the projects “Study of the surface composition modifications of thin coatings due to tribological phenomena, carried out by XPS techniques. State-of-the-art, potentialities and examples of applications” (February-June 2009), and “Development of characterization methods through XPS analysis of titanium carbide coatings for biomedical applications” (September 2009 – January 2010), both under the scientific supervision of Prof. Edoardo Bemporad of the DIMI Department (Engineering Faculty), “Roma Tre” University. - 2006-2008: winner of a three-years Research Grant ("Assegno di Ricerca") (SSD CHIM/03) financially supported by the cofinMIUR program “Photoelectron and Absorption Spectroscopy applied to biomolecular systems”, under the supervision of Prof. G. Polzonetti, Full Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at “Roma Tre” University. From 2006 to 2008 she was also involved in the research programme “LaGrIn”, to develop an UHV apparatus to perform thin films deposition by controlled evaporation of organic and inorganic molecules, and to expose the thin films to reactive vapours, with the aim to make tests for applications in sensor devices. This research topic belongs to a more extended project, that contemplate the investigation of the reactivity of SAMs and capped nanoparticles based on newly synthesized organometallic thiols. - 2005: post-doctorate fellowship at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) in Grenoble (France) (GILDA CNR-INFM beamline). She acquired theoretical and experimental competences in x-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS), was involved as local contact in users' experiments, and deepened her technical know-how in SR methodologies. She also used XAS to perform accurate structural and electronic analysis on newly synthesized organometallic systems. - 2001-2004: PhD in Materials Science at University "La Sapienza". The research project focused on the structural, electronic and morphological properties of thin films of organometallic molecules for applications in nanotechnology, investigated by SEM, NMR, FTIR, Raman, UV-VIS Absorption and Fluorescence spectroscopies, XPS and Syncrotron Radiation (SR) induced spectroscopies, such as SR-XPS and Near Edge x-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (NEXAFS). - 2001: degree in Chemistry at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” (magna cum laude) discussing a thesis on the structural and electronic characterization of π-conjugated polymers carried out by means of x-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS).

Interessi principali

- Scientific Interests: The research activity mainly concerns with the study of the molecular and electronic structure of nanostructured materials, carried out by state of the art Synchrotron Radiation (SR) - induced techniques as X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (SR-XPS), X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS) and Near Edge X-ray Absorption Fine Structure spectroscopy (NEXAFS), as well as conventional XPS, UV-visible absorption and emission and FT-IR spectroscopies. As for the investigated materials, the attention is mainly devoted to: 1) Organic molecules and pi-conjugated organometallic oligomers, anchored as Self Assembling Monolayers on macroscopic “flat” surfaces and/or used as capping agents for the stabilization of Noble Metal Nanoparticles. SR-induced X-ray photoemission and absorption spectroscopies allow for probing the organic molecule/metal interface, obtaining unique information about local structure, molecular and electronic properties of the hybrid system. 2) Biomaterials functionalized with appropriate biomolecules for applications in the field of tissue engineering: the structure and chemical composition of a biomaterial surface play a key role in determining its biological response. In this framework, titania (a biocompatible material widely used in the field of implantology) surfaces modified with biomolecules as for example oligopeptides or oligosaccharides are successfully investigated by XPS, NEXAFS and FTIR. - Funded Projects Since 2006 Prof. C. Battocchio has been proposer and main responsible for more than 40 proposals at Synchrotron Radiation facilities that were approved and financially supported by the appropriated international evaluation committees. Since 2001 and up to now, she has been involved as participant or main responsible in about 50 experiments at SR facilities (LURE, SOLEIL (Paris – FR) Elettra (Trieste – IT), ESRF (Grenoble – FR), BESSYII (Berlin – DE)). She took part as a member of the Roma Tre research unit to two National research programs (PRIN-MIUR) that have been approved and financed: -2005 "Oligopeptide/substrate surfaces and interfaces: adhesion and organization at molecular nanostructured level studied by XPS, SR-XPS, IRRAS and NEXAFS spectroscopies", financed for two years (2007-2008); Scientific Responsible: G. Marletta
. - 2010/11 - "Innovative chemical strategies for smart biomaterials", financed for three years (20013-20015); Scientific Responsible: F. Nicotra

Attività di ricerca

Bibliometric Indicators Co-author of 109 scientific publications: - 107 peer-reviewed international journals, with Impact Factor; - 2 book chapters. Co-author of about 80 communications (orals and posters) at about 50 national and international conferences; 8 communications as invited speaker. • Number of Publications (2003-2021) = 109 • Total citations number = 2293 • h-index = 30 (Database: Scopus, 3 June 2021) - Referee activity for peer reviewed journals: Nanomaterials; Material Science and Engineering C; European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry; Journal of Nanoparticle Research; Thin Solid Films; Materials Chemistry and Physics; African Journal of Biotechnology; Arabian Journal of Chemistry; Materials and Design; Applied Surface Science; Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology; Journal of Physical Chemistry C; Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. - Referee activity for MIUR (Italian Ministry for University and Research) - PRIN 2013 evaluator - VQR 2011-2014: revision activity for publications evaluation. - Editor activity: - Since 2018: Guest Editor for Special Issues of the peer-review journal Nanomaterials - MDPI - Since 2019: Topic editor for Nanomaterials.

Attività di insegnamento

Teaching Activity: - Since 2016/2017: "General and Inorganic Chemistry" (SSD CHIM/03, 9CFU) for the Bachelor Degree in Biology, Roma Tre University. - Since 2011/2012: "Laboratory of Chemical Physics" (SSD CHIM/02, 6 CFU) for the Bachelor Degree in Biology and for the Master Degree in Biology for the Molecular, Cellular and Physiology Research, Roma Tre University. - Bachelor and Master Degrees: Since 2010-2011: supervisor of Bachelor Degree students in Biology and Master Degree thesis in Molecular, Cellular and Physiology Research, Roma Tre University (about 5 internship students per year). - PhD Programmes: Since 2017: member of the Board of Professors for the PhD Programme "Materials Science, Nanotechnology and Complex Systems" at "Roma Tre" University. 2013-2016: member of the Board of Professors for the PhD Programme "Biomedical Sciences and Technologies" at "Roma Tre" University. Supervisor of several PhD students Organizational Activity - University organizational boards - Since 2019/2020: "Commissione VQR-3" for the Department of Sciences; - Since 2015/2016: "Commissione di Programmazione" for the Department of Sciences; - Since 2015/2016: "Commissione di Assicurazione della Qualità" for the Department of Sciences. - Comparative selections boards - 2017/2018: XXXIII cycle of the PhD Progtamme in "Materials Science, Nanotechnology and Complex Systems", Roma Tre University. - 2016/2017: XXXII cycle of the PhD Programme in “Mathematics Models for Engineering, Electromagnetism and Nanosciences", “Sapienza” University of Rome. - 2012/2013: Commission for the comparative selection for the TFA course, "Classe A060" (2011/2012), Roma Tre University.